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Internet Telephones List Free Legal Forms
Microsoft NetBar
Links to most Newspapers  Windows 95/98/NT Newest Shareware
Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Netscape Browser
Microsoft Approved Drivers Search AIM Doctor License Finder  
Automatic Software updates (free) Visual Café for Windows 95/NT.
Strouds Software Download Area Tucows Software Download Area
Anti-Virus Tools 32 Bit Software Archive
Spiegel Catalog J.Peterman Catalog
Movie schedules in Southern California Hollywood Online
BusinessWeek Online CNN Financial Network
icon.gif (1595 bytes) Airline Flight Tracker - shows actual flight Moviefone: Movie ShowTimes 
USA Today Los Angeles Times
C/Net - Today's Tech News ZDN News
Internet Fraud Watch Bon Appétit
Current Los Angeles Area Freeway Speeds Earthquake Information/California-Nevada
Expedia Maps - best resource for online maps US Postal Service - Zipcodes, Postage, etc. 
Earth Watch - Weather on Demand Live, up to the minute Seismo-Cam
$$$Official California Lottery$$$ California City Weather Selector
CNN Shockwave Pager (cute)  Fox News Network
 Internet Casino Switchboard - Find a person
Welcome to MSN.COM Encarta Online Encyclopedia
ICQ tells you who's online Free Internet Encyclopedia
Desk Top News Ticker (free) Microsoft Investor
Warner Brothers Music Dave Software Central
FragranceNet Web Page Hosting
go2net MetaCrawler - Multi Search Facility Mamma Search Engine - Multi Search facility
Dealing with Junk Email (SPAM) Venice Beach Cam (California)
Music Information Center (MP3 files) Digital Camera Network Web Cams 
Fax free around the world on the Net Ask Dr. Weil (interesting)
icon.gif (1595 bytes) Convert Phone Numbers to Words Cigar Aficionado

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